Art critic Tom Jørgensen, Philosopher Henrik R. Hvid

Interview and art criticism

Paul Nielsen, Tine Winther, Henrik Hvid, Tom Jørgensen, and Despina Tunberg

Following the links below, you'll come to a description of one of my earliest exhibitions, a interview from 2004 by Tine Winther about my existentialistic point of view, an interview about "art as a call" by the philosopher Henrik Rude Hvid in 2013 and an article about my art and life by the art critic Tom Jørgensen 2008. Finally a statement from the Curator Despina Tunberg according to my artavita portfolio 2010


The Art critic 

Paul Nielsen

The journalist

Tine Winther:


The Philosopher

Henrik Rude Hvid

The art critic

Tom Jørgensen

The curator

Despina Tunberg


Prof.ssa               Fulvia Minetti


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