Henrik Saar only 27 years old

Art criticism by the journalist Paul Nielsen 1994

By Paul Nielsen, Horsens Newspaper

Promising exhibition by Henrik Saar
Horsens - Henrik Saar, only 27 years old, is on the artistical level a complex human being.
He may feel afflicted with anxiety and melancholy, but he can also work his way out of all this and make the light in his mind break out.
Now he exhibits - as one of the first times in his life - in the Workshop Gallery in Horsens - and here you will be introduced to a talent,  to whom there is all possible reason having high expectations.
Henrik Saar prefers the technique of transparent painting. He starts painting yellow, green, and red on the canvas. Then he paints thin layers of brown layers upon layer and layers, and the final results are some coloristically lightning effects. It's a method demanding both patients and virtuous, and the young painter has come far.
But in this process, it must be clear to him all the time, how the motif shall appear. His whole world of thoughts is - as the exhibition clearly shows - activated. The result is some frankly spoken breathtaking pictures with good content. It counts, for instance, the painting: "My Peruvian wife." Here he has managed to place her between two cultures - The ancient Peruvian materialized in two riders - and the "throw-away culture" emerged by the discarded electrical stow. Excellent!
Notify his picture: "Melancholy" as well. It tells about the winding roads of life, where a man pulls a wagon from the darkness toward the light. 

My Peruvian wife

Oil on shipboard 91 x 73 cm.

Melancholi - Oil on canvas 72 x 91 cm.

Opus one - Oil on canvas  114 x 116 cm.

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