Activity log: Updates and CV documented with photos

About mt Activity log
It's here you have a chance to follow me during the years. It's like a live CV extended with stories and photos.
I also give you an impression of who I am: My artistic vision and why I express myself as I do.

The best birthday present ever


The nomination for the International Award: Michelangelo's David is the best birthday present I ever got so far. When you read the communication from the Accademia "Italia in el Arte nel Mondo" it may be clear to you, that this is nothing less but my International Breakthrough as a Visual Artist.


"Flight lessons" - Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm. A process work


Since April 1st. I have been working almost every day 10 - 12 hours on this painting. A process work that I documented step by step on social media to give an impression of the kind of work it takes to create these almost abstract paintings. Here I have collected the process photos.

Vivid Arts Elite Circle - New York


I've got myself a Mentor!
I'm so proud to announce
that I have entered Vivid Arts Elite Circle by Viviana Puello in New York.
I'm sure it's going to be challenging to being a part of it.


The girl from Florence - Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm


In "The girl from Florence," I am inspired by a girl sitting next to me at the Florence Biennale Gala dinner in 2015. This motif attracts me with all its untold content, namely in the background, that is very little detailed. What is she looking at, and who is she? We only see her figure from behind. It all is somehow mysterious, and I like that.

A statement about one of my essential themes: Anxiety


A few days ago, I made a statement on social media about one of my essential themes: Anxiety. I didn't use many words, but explained myself through pictures.

 I have struggled a lot with inner anxiety, and right from the beginning of my career, I intended to confront myself in my art, both in clay, in sketches, in painting, and poems.
I have attached a little collection of sketches to these early artworks from 1992.


A signature style


Art as natural as my signature
I get a lot of comments on the textures in my paintings. Many people wonder why I use these remarkable textures. I will try to give a short explanation here. Already as a teenager, I started experimenting with an alternative way of creating figures in my sketches. I discovered that my rhythm was essential for me to make my figures freely. I was sick and tired of the dictates of realism with drawings compared with photos. I wanted to reach a feeling of natural emotion whenever I used a pen or a pencil, just like a personal signature. Later, when I started painting, I found that same feeling after the first ten years of brushwork. Using a painter knife and impasto paint was almost the same as working with my rhythm in the drawings. Just like that, it became my way of painting. I feel free with the textures, just like molding in wet clay. The picture develops almost automatically in the mass of paint.

Latest painting: "My daughter Marie Louise" - Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm.

Exited about being present in De Agostini Artistar


Why do I mention my presence in De Agostini as "Another step forward" - Is it really that important?

I am going to be featured as "Artistar," which will give me an excellent opportunity to present some of my art, that is not being featured so often. Take a sneak peek at some pictures and mentions about this famous art-book, and it may give you an idea of what I mean:)

The prestigious art-book De Agostini publishing since 1940


Another step forward, Henrik Saar! My application for the most prestigious art book, De Agostini has been accepted.
The Itallian text on the certificate says following:
“The privileged tool for international collecting * Art movements that make history * The most famous artists * The richest database on awards and quotations *
For high merits in the Fine Arts sector, the presence of MAESTRO HENRIK SAAR is attested in the third volume of Contemporary Fine Art published by De Agostini - 2021 edition.”

CFA: Artists, who are the real architects of change


A video from Circle Foundation of Art in Lyon, where I'm featured as one of the real architects of change.

Click here to see the video:  Circle Arts

A short statement from my studio


Hi! My name is Henrik Saar.

A short video statement, that I made for ArtTour International. To see the video: Click on the headline, that will lead you to my videos.

Life and Art belong inextricably together in my world. This has always been the case and will always be the case.

Current Masters Volume 5 released


Current Masters Volume 5, where I'm presented with two pages was released today with following description:

"The 5th volume of Current Masters, just released, features works by 69 noteworthy artists from all over the world, and provides a truly diverse cross section of contemporary art.

Each book published by World Wide Art Books is part of an ever-broadening annual chronicle of art worldwide, where each work is selected for its originality, aesthetic interest, and mastery of technique. Each artist’s presentation provides a separate chapter in the story of contemporary creative ingenuity and how art exists, morphs and evolves within our global modern society.

All the books function as a resource for art professionals, promoting work worthy of being collected and exhibited and as inspiration for the art lover who is keen on discovering and viewing wonderful artwork. 

To view the digital version of the book, visit our website at

To order a free sample of the the print version, please contact us at"

My artworks from 2020 in review


 It's quite an enormous work I have delivered from January 2020 until now. It increases a thrill, makes you feel in good mood, and motivated to continue the work when you take the past year in review and see that you develop yourself.

My son Markus Dietrich - Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm.


Markus is about to become a young man. Soon he will be Christian confirmed. Right here in this picture, his appearance is a real teenager, and that was the challenge for me to show through my painting. A picture that clearly shows this boy in the fragile moment just before life is getting serious. In the background, I have painted two figures from the gamer world. A female and a male, or in a psychological term: Anima and Animus to guide him along on his way forward.
I'm very satisfied with the outcome, and happy that everybody else also in the painting sees the depth in that Markus they know.

Worldwide Art Movement


Below you see the widget  for the henrik saar soloshow, released at december 13 2020 by Worldwide movement on the Art channel. Click on the headline, that will lead you to my videos, to see this show, that features most of my earlier paintings.

"My Liliana Socorro" - Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm.


This is another portrait made in the same style as the previous portrait of my father. I am becoming rather confident with this change in my style, and next challenge should be to elevate my expressions to another level than before.

November 2020

This painting, "A letter to my father," is remarkably different from the other images and has moved me in an unexpected direction: Portraits! 
It shows that I am excellent in this field. My mother ordered the artwork, who wished for a portrait of my father on her wall. My father passed away earlier this year, and we all miss him very much. At the revelation, my mother and my sister started crying as if they had just met him alive again. Sharing the picture on social media, I received many messages from people who knew my father, all confirming that I had captured the glance in his eyes, his entire being in that painting. I feel that he is very much alive in that painting myself, and creating it has been a healing process. My father was an architect, and I always sought his recognition of my work. The letter he is holding in his hand would probably say: "I miss you, dad, and look how good a painter I am becoming." And in a minute, he would say: "Thank you for the beautiful words."

The portrait got lot of response, also from "Loyallpurfineart advisory," who contacted me, and posted the picture on Instagram. 


Henrik Saar on Artsy

November 2020

Through my activities with Artbox, I am presented on - The best recognized online gallery for the world's leading artists.


Artist of the Future

November 2020

I received the international prize: "Artist of the Future" by Contemporary Art-Curator Magazine.  For the improvement, I added the painting: "Circumstances."

Contemporary Art Curator Magazine is hosting some of the world's most expenssive artists such as Peter Doig. That tells a little bit about how valuable it is to me to get the price as Artist of the Future.


CFA Honorable certificate

October 2020

For participating in a Circle Art Foundation contest in Lyon, I received this Honorable Certificate for my impressive painting: "The Giants."

The Art Fair Carrousel Du Louvre 2020


The Art Fair Carousel du Louvre In Paris is getting closer: 23rd - 25th of October, and I will be represented there through Paks Gallery with my oil-painting: ”Mona Lisa Fatal” from 2010.

The event is postponed until 2021, because of the pandemic.


associazione culturale


I was invited to become a member of the Associazione Culturale with good posibillities for exposure both online and physical, biografy, pricing and much more. For a beginning I decided to start carefully. I have lots of activities going on right now, so I have sent 12 photos representing my entire career as an artist 1989 - 2020. This resulted in a personal virtual exhibition starting on September 28.

See the virtual exhibition:

Art Arnhem


I got my application recognized for the juried exhibition Art Arnhem, which is an artfair with a very stricht balloting.


I am updating this page loosely and regulary, both about my work with the pictures, and with exhibitions, prices and certificates. So by scrolling down the page you get a good idea of what i do. Enjoy!

From Artbox in Zürich


This morning I received these photos from Artbox in Switzerland: Some impressions of the seven paintings I showed on big screens at the Swiss Art Expo in Zürich last week. Below I show two of the pictures, as it will be too voluminous to line seven photos up here. Maestro Henrik Saar!


Good morning Maestro Henrik Saar!

What will the postman bring today? an envelope from Arte del XXI Secolo. It's from Venice: A Catalog from the Biennale in the palazzo Zenobio written by the curator, the Honorable Professor Aldo Maria Pero, President of the Association Arte del XXI Century in Venice. Along with the catalog came a pile of business cards that I can use.

Art as a healing force


I’ve just received the ArtTourInternational magazine: ”Art as a healing force, ” and I can only recommend the magazine, that is available on Isuu both online and as printed magazine. As earlier featured, I am present there with an article on two pages.

The Fire-cart - Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm. - Vintage style


Vintage style
What is the meaning of vintage style?
You may say that it's the best of it's kind.
It continues a great deal of retro style and classical iconography, and I believe that my art has just this quality.



The Giants - Process


Here I wish to show you an example of figurative process work. Those who use to say that figurative art is so predictable are wrong. I get surprised by my figurative paintings every time. I will even claim that it's a criterium for me to work with art at all: That I get astonished by the result.

Tomorrows See/Me Artist Feature


From the See/Me event: Represent, I was selected as Artist i focus to represent my story. It was a portrait of me on instagram.



See me gallery


I have got myself a nice presentation on the See/Me community in New York.


Academical prize:


I Won a prize for the passion and quality of my artwork: "Angel station" - Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm. at the International Academy of Signification, and had the great honor of receirving interpretating critics by the president Fondatrice, Prof. ssa Fulvia Minetti.

I have translated the Italian text into English below.

First message from the Academy of Arts and Poetry, Italy

Henrik Saar - Topstory at Newsfox


The press release for the Artbox show at the Central station in Zürich, which appeared as Top story on Newsfox advertising for the expo.


Artist of the year 2020 ART/NOW

!3. 08.2020

I Received the Artist of the Year 2020 Trophy and my latest painting: The big MMXX Stone mason pictured on page 2 in the book of the prizewinners. 

Artist of the Year 2020


Along with the prize follows a presentation in Art International Contemporary Magazine.

International Certified Artist


I got accepted by the International Institute for Artist Accrediation to recwive certification as International Certified Artist.


The Great Encyclopedia of International Art by Art Universal


Included in the Great Encyclopedia of International Art by Art Universal.

Participating with my painting: "Learning to fly" and shown as a representant for Contemporary Art alongside with all the Great masters from the Modernism. An honor being shown in the same book as my biggest idols such as: Van Gogh, Munch, Manet, Monet, Picasso, Chagall, Loutrec,Dali, etc.  

Artbox Zürich 2.0


Paintings recognized for the Artbox Zürich 2.0 show.

Artists of the Decade online ceremony


I won the title as Artist of the Decade, curated by ArtTour International in New York already in January. Because of the pandemic the Ceremony was postponed, and finally replaced by a online Ceremony in April.

Winner of the CFA quarterly art review contest


My painting "The big MMXX stonemason"

was chosen as special feature for the quarterly art review magazine by CFA.

An examination of Current Trends & Original Practices in Visual Art. 




Accepted for The prestigious international Triennale in Rome


Got accepted for the prestigious international Biennale in Rome, which will be shown in December 2020 in Palazzo Borghese and Gallery Medina.

It's only one painting, and it was pointed out by the judges. To my surprice the judges were very abstract minded, and suggested four of my paintings from my abstract period in 2000.

Then I have chosen to show my painting: "Dante and the angel Virgil" - Oil on plywood 80 x 100 cm.

The big MMXX stonemason - Video project finished


Almost for a month I was struggling in front of the video camera with the painting "The big MMXX stonemason" - Oil on canvas 120 x 85 cm.

Everything went wrong, and as so often before, I painted it all black, scrabbed it all off again with a scalpel, and painted it in completely different colors than I thought I would do. It's one of the surprices with this painting: That even I myself am surpriced by the final result.


The process of painting

Started making posters and giclee prints


My photographer started making posters from my drawings and sketches. Here a try with the sketch: "Headache," which I made in 1992.

We will be able to offer you copies and giclee prints on demand. That means, that if you have a favourite picture amongst my paintings, drawings or graphics, you are free to order a giclee print or a poster of it.

Don't stop to live - Video project by Paks gallery 15.05.2020

As I have a contract with Paks Gallery in Austria I participated with a group of artists connected to Paks Gallery in this videoproject at the UNESCO International day of living together in peace.

Click on the picture to see the video

A prestigious lifetime presentation At CFA


As result of an artist of the year contest at the Circle Foundation of Arts in Lyon I got myself a lifetime affilate website under the Circle Foundation domain:


Sacred waters - Presenting the artists of the decade


Because of the corona crisis the award cermony of Artists of the decade in New York was replaced by a zoom conference, but the honor is still the same. Here below my representation in the Sacred Waters magazine.


See / me - Sotherby's institute of Art: Art saves humanity


Participated in the online event: "Art saves humanity" by See me in coorporation with Sotherby's Institute of Art.


Member of the SeeMe community


I'm glad to become a member of the SeeMe community. They work with Sotherby's and artsy in New York. It opens up a bunch of new possibilities.



Artists of the Decade


As I have the honor to be one of the Artists of the Decade showcased in the Winter issue of the ArtTourInternational magazine, I am invited to participate in the reception in New York as well, but can't travel right now.

A click on the sneak peek photo here below with my pictures will bring you to the complrete magazine



Application for painting of the year contest


My application for the painting of the year contest in Amsterdam was well received. Especially my latest painting: "Don't kill the world" - Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm



Neutrum marks a new period in my art, a period about gender identity and life stages.

What Sigmund Freud left us, was a world strongly defined by masculinum and femininum and sexual grounded drive as principal force in life. Diring the years the difference between the two genders have been ajusted to almost a zero, or as I define it in my painting: Human being with no body with united gende collected in a common mind set, a human being reduced to be defined by brain. It dosen't matter wether you are femininum or masculinum. It's just a matter of time before the body will express something else, than we were used to.

Being International contemporary painter

I am receiving messages like this here below from a Gallery in Rome more and more frequently. It makes me believe that my interpretation in my paintings is momentary and authentically in touch with the time.


Contest: Frontcover to Important Contemporary Artists


Message from Artavita:

"Dear  Henrik,

 I am glad to inform you that you are one of the 50 finalists in the contest on ArtaVita. As a finalist, you are entitled to a Certificate of Excellence.

Here are the details of the results in the contest.
738 artists participated, with 1841 works. 
The winner of the first prize, the front cover of “Important World Artists” Volume 4, was Dr. John O’Rourke, with the sculpture “Sentius Tectonius”. 


Despina Tunberg - Curator

World Wide Art and Artavita"

Learning to fly - Oil on canvas 120 x 85 cm.

"Learning to fly is the painting that won both the CFA Honorable Mention Certificate and the Certificate of Exelence from Artavita, where it Chosen among 1870 paintings was qualified to the top 50 final in the contest of the book: Important World Artist's frontcover.


Honorable Mention Award from CFA Artist of the year


Circle Foundation of Arts in Lyon in France has every year the Artist of the Year contest. Last year I was Finalist with the painting: "There is something about everything." This year I received the Honorable Mention Award. That's pretty good.

Working with PAKS Gallery


I have started working with PAKS Gallery this year. Here you see the curator Heinz Playner presenting my painting: "Mona Lisa Fatal" - Oil on canvas 73 x 60 cm. at PAKS Gallery in Vienna. In October 2020 I will expose with PAKS Gallery at the Carrousel du Louvre exhibition at the Louvre Museum of Arts in Paris.

May - 2019: Artist with epilepsy

This post links to an article written about me in Denmark, and thus in Danish.

It tells my story, which is maked with this desease: Epilepsy. It's a destiny that has belonged to me since I was 15 years old. It has cost me both pain and an adventurous life, that is hard to explain in few words. But I'm pretty sure, that I wouldn't have been doing, what I do, if it wasn't for this inpredictable factor in my life.

Click on the picture to read the article in Danish.

A close watch on "Mona Lisa Fatal"

Mona Lisa Fatal - Oil on canvas 73 x 60 cm

A nice brake through


2020 seems to be a good year. Already by finishing the painting: "Angel station," I had this feeling of success. Weirdly, this very same house from where I jumped out of the window from the upper floor and almost killed myself is the same house that I drew for my father in 1991 and now pronounced as station for the angels. At the same time, I have become a member of the Contemporary Art Curator Directory, along with some of the world's most expensive artists: Peter Doigt and Eric Fishl. Within a few weeks, I will be promoted as Artist of the decade by ArtTourInternational, where I was Artist of the week in October and received the ARTYA AWARD - Artists for a green planet in December.

Follow the link to Contemporary Art Curator. I have a beautiful presentation there:



Empathy-centrifuge is a reference to the dialectic relation between the artist and art or to empathy in general. The more you manage to live in what you do or who you are with, the more you'll feel an uplifting centrifugally sensation that will make you forget yourself. It's the essential point about all passion, and it doesn't need to be an abstract expression to be passionated, it may very well be concrete figurative as well as long as it's made with feelings and - empathy.

Again I grabbed an old drawing from my drawer with sketches and felt that this was just what I needed to express my idea about living the art sincerely,  perceptually and emotionally - In other words: Be the one you are. I will go so far, and say: Until now during the past 30 years my art has been developing skills all the time, now I feel like having wings. I can create freely and secure. I feel myself - I  am empathically present in my art.  

Looking back on the 58th Venice Biennale in Palazzo Zenobio


My exhibition at the Zenobio Palace in Venicia was a great experience. I thank profesor Aldo Maria Pero, who is the president for Arte Del XXI Seccolo for a warm welcome and a good speech, where he explained my paintings to the audience, and I appreciate the opportunity I had there to explain myself and my art as well.

In the photos below, you se the profesor Aldo Maria Pero, me and my paintings 

VENEZIA Palazzo Zenobio October 6 - November 3 2019

The 58th Venice Bien

This is a very important exhibition, and I'm curious to see, what happens from there.

Looking back on the Artbox exhibition on Zürich Centralstation in August

September 2019

Exhibition on big-screens is gaining terrain in this modern culture of ours. Whether you like it or not, it's convenient to send your painting as a jpeg file instead of a hard box package, but aren't we shooting ourselves in our foot instead? Aren't we building a so-called: Plastic culture" - A culture of not being present, but replaced by an imaginary thing that isn't worth more than one of the endless pause pictures on our Chromecast screen. What about the whole sensibility of each brush stroke in a painting or the autonomy of each original art.
I don't know - You may be able to use the screens for extremely valid promotion, but as a picture on the wall, it shouldn't achieve higher value than a poster, perhaps even less.

Swissart expo at Zurich Central Station in August 2019

I participated in the Swissart Expo 2019 at zürich Central Station arranged by Artbox Gallery, who arrange Basel Art as well. They are very specialized in using modern technology in their exhibitions. Thus I presented two artworks on big screens with a QR code connected to my website. The form may be experimental, but I can't deny, that it contents new possibillities for showing my art to a broader audience. Artbox announced the amount of daily visitors to be aprox 80000 people at the Central Station of Zürich, which is reasonably big audience compared to just trying to feature my paintings on the internet. Comparing the easy process without packing and shipping cost, insurances etc. I think it's a solution with perspectives for us artists, who have a lot to struggle with besides creating new artworks.

Here below follow my two paintings from Swissart Expo - Compared to the relative small size of the original paintings, it does impact to me to see them in big size......

1)  "The alter ego" - Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm.

2) "Contemporary teenager" -  Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm.

In June 2019 I participated in another exhibition showcasing paintings on big screens. This time it was with the American Art Foundation, SeeMe, who had arranged an exhibition with artist's portraits on 6th. floor in World Trade Center. I was one of the finalists, and participated with 5 paintings. I should have been there to the socalled Chasha Ma Gala afterparty, but couldn't make it to New York in June.

Circle Foundation of Arts - Miami Contest

August 2019

I got a finalist certificate for participating in the exhibit for free with Artavita at the Miami Art Expo 2019


Rosa got a message


"Rosa got a message" is a painting inspired by an exchange of messages with a girl where I sent a message that gave her many thoughts. In the composition I have used the app to "settings" on an Iphone as a backdrop that shines on a dark background of sky and sea. In each corner I have placed an angel figure: an evil and a good angel who must help to underline the doubts expressed by Rosa by scratching her hair and the way she looks at her phone. The person is not an existing person, but on the basis of my imagination, and the name Rosa must refer partly to the color of her dress, to the symbolic content of the passion and passion of the rose, and to the typical Latin name must lead the thought to the unmistakable Latin scenario where I have been married to a Peruvian girl for 26 years.
The whole thing is painted impasto wet in wet with a putty knife, the 3 primary colors + white and finished at once without any following corrections.

My netdating - Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm.

August 14 2019

This painting is created in a slightly euphoric mood of being full of expectations based solely on a loving chat with a girl who seems very attractive to me. I have always felt that online love was illusory and impossible, but has suddenly come into question. I actually feel completely in love.

Seven shadows


"Seven shadows" - Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm. is another painting in my new series, where I focus a lot on simplification and on letting the freshness of the impasto painting shine through. Everything is painted only once and most of the paint is put on with a knife. which makes the simplification even more significant. An arbitrary coat of paint may play a crucial role in the finished image - It can be a nose, an ear or an eye or whatever. This is where painting becomes alive and real on a higher plane than in the real world.

Rome 26.05.2019

I won in the category: "International Painters" for the 42nd edition of: Medusa Aurea Trophy ", which is the title of Artist of the Year for the academic year 2018 - 2019.

Head over heels - Oil on canvas 60 x 50 cm.


The painting "Head over heels" is a good example of how images emerge from irrational conditions, a sudden whim or fun idea that suddenly tells a lot more than one could have thought of by ordinary logical thinking. That's what the visual media can do: Express complex understandings in an unexpected and surprising way.

"Head over heels" is the term used for a leading figure. An expression that is also known from the Grease movie and from Abba's song about the same. In addition, it is an expression that I find funny, and in fact, the picture arises as a result of having first drawn up to have to paint Theresa May as part of my series with Putin, Trump and Zuckerberg, but since the theme bored I changed plans and threw away the photography of Theresa May, so in any case I didn't have to look for it. The legs that I have painted over the head of the lady are from a motif I have drawn and painted several times before all the way back to 2012, 1993 and 1991.

The alter ego - Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm.


"The alter ego" is about balancing between two sides of yourself. We all have a different ego that occasionally takes character and takes control of our lives. Normally we manage to maintain control, but there are situations where the other side of ourselves takes control. That's what the famous movie: Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde gives us such an excellent example.
The motif in my painting is based on a figure that I drew and used in a small yellow-tone painting in 1991 under the title: "Standing position" - Oil on canvas 41 x 33 cm. In the new painting I have changed the perspective, on the background and given the figure a mask in the hand that leads the thought to the film: "The mask", which in turn points to man with 2 personalities.

The mood of the painting is inspired by my own icon painting from 2013: "On the other side" (here at the bottom)

Contemporary teenager 60 x 50 cm.


Inspired by a 17-year-old girl's drawing, I have sought as credibly as possible to reproduce the concerns a teenager is facing today. Therefore, I have held onto the slightly naive form, which is precisely the teenager's immediate way of expressing. There could be many interpretations to this painting, where there are two shining suns and a little rain at the same time, just as the concept of balance in the picture has been emphasized, but basically I think that the painting here should be allowed to live its own visual and a little innocent life. The power of the visual language is strongest when it is not choked by words.

Contemporary shopping - Oil on canvas 60 x 50 cm.


Contemporary shopping is a painting of an everyday situation where we buy all kinds of things online. It has made a big change in our culture and almost descended the cities if compared with the past. It's practical, but maybe a little sad.

Technically I express myself very directly, and work impast with a painter knife. It is my intention to be as immediate and transparent as possible in order to achieve the greatest possible sincerity in my expression. There are no speculative actions in these paintings, it is art that, so to speak, comes directly from the "stomach" - The direct path from my impression to my expression, which is in the clue with the post impressionist / german expressionist idea of expressing oneself meaningfully about life. The motif stems from a quick sketch of my x-wife shopping on the internet.

Beat it - Oil on canvas 60 x 50 cm.


My comment on the political debate about the parliamentary elections. in Denmark 2019


But if I have to be honest - and you have to do that in art! Then the painting arose because I was really annoyed by something, it negatively affected my life. One of these situations where you spontaneously hit the table and say stop!

The drawing that influences the painting is one of my teenage drawings.

Networking - Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm.


"Networking" is a painting where I try to capture the spirit of the year 2019. Our way of communicating and the importance of constantly networking. It is through our ability to network that we create space for ourselves. The remarkable tattoo I have painted on the girl's arm depicts both a net and the perspective center of the room she is sitting in, so that she herself becomes the starting point for her own space.

The winner - Oil on canvas 60 x 50 cm.


After standing away for a year, I finally finished this little painting. I had started on it while I was still in the rehabilitation center after my accident, where I broke both my legs, my back and a few ribs. At that time, my everyday life of rehabilitation consisted of much of the time, so it was an obvious motive to tackle, but at one point it hung me far out of my neck, so I didn't bother to paint it anymore. Now there is a little distance to it, so I could paint it finished without any problems, and is really well satisfied with the result. It is an image that radiates surpluses with all the primary colors + green and grayscale from black to white.


"Artavist" - Artist of the Year by Art Tour International awarded as a yearly certificate and publicated in the special edition of the Art Tour International Magazine.

Artists for a green planet, artists who tries to save the planet are honored in Art Tour International with a "Artavist" certificate. - Meaning that these artists deliver a positive and green message for the humanity on this planet.


Hospitalized at the Filadelfia epilepsy hospital

Februar 2019

While staying at the Filadelfia epilepsy hospital for three weeks I made some oil pastels.

competition: Premi della cultura Trofeo Medusa Aurea


Positive start with my new period. the message attacked here is from the academy in Rome and says following: 

“We inform you that you have passed the final selection with the work listed below and will therefore participate in the international competition to be held in Rome at the Aula Magna of the Valdese University, in Via Pietro Cossa, n.40 (Piazza Cavour) on May 26th, 10am.”


"The gift" is painting no. 3 from the same room

Generally about the roses in my paintings

What is it about me and the roses that I carefully paint over and over again?
For me, the rose is a symbol of pure beauty with the character that it has thorns that hurt if you are not aware of them, just as it does in life if you are not aware of what hurts most of all : "Love". In addition, I associate the rose with passion, pain, blood and martyrdom as known from the Bible.

About the room and the closet from the 3 paintings above

The motif draws threads far back to when I met my ex wife in 1992. Back then I made the painting: "Secrets" (here below), which was about two people who are facing each other with each their own secret lives, which here are represented here by the closets. The fear of opening up in front of eachother is manifested by the suddenly appearing shark. Actually I use the shark again in the final room at the painting: " I would love to show you my room"
THe same closet did I use in a drawing showing a room seen from below. I called this drawing: "Give me 10 years, Lili"
Finally I used these elements and ideas in the 3 paintings above, where I use the same room again and again.
This is very much my way how to connect the past, the present and future into a complete balance.


Oil on canvas

22 x 34 cm. 1992

Give me 10 years, Lili

Pen and black ink

25 x 25 cm. 1992

Circle Foundation of Arts:Artist of the Year award


Circle Foundation of Arts: Artist of the Year Award - Finalist certificate

Artbox project New York 1.0

Marts. 2018

Participated in the artbox New York 1.0 big screen exhibition with my painting: "I love it."

Circle Foundation of Arts Artist of the year Award 2017


Participated in 2017 in the Awarding of the Artist of the year 2017, and became a finalist.


The Tour: In the shadow of Giotto

July - August 2017

A Museum tour called: "In the shadow of Giotto, curated by Rosi Raneri.

The tour started at Museo Bellini in Florence and ended At the Gallery Il Borgo in the Vatican. I participated with my painting: "On the other side" - Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm.

Global Art Awards in Dubai

June 2017

I was nominated for an award for my painting: "Miss U" and an award for the painting: "Miss U 2" as well - both Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm


MIIT Museum - Turin - Two of my paintings rated by an expert group

June 2017

An expert group watched my two paintings from 2015:

1) "Behind the curtains" - Oil on canvas 75 x 121 cm.

2) "Times of ups and downs" - Oil on canvas 75 x 121 cm.

 Rated to 10000 Euros each.

Pictures from Hannerup Rehabilitation Center 2018

October 2017 - April

In October 2017, I jumped out of the window of my 2nd floor apartment due to a paranoid epileptic seizure. A fall of over 10 meters down, and landed on an iron plate on the road. I broke both legs several times, crushed my feet, broke several ribs, punctured a lung and broke my back, but I miraculously survived. At first I was in the hospital for three months, but was then transferred to the Hannerup rehabilitation center. Here began a three-month rehabilitation course both physically and mentally. Little by little I recovered, and soon had my living room furnished as a studio. Again, painting became my lifeline. I watched and had watched a lot of television while just lying in bed, and just during that period, Trump wanted to build his wall against Mexico, Putin poisoned a Russian agent in England, and Zuckerberg was accused of meddling in the political game. All in all, these themes helped to determine the themes in my paintings while I was admitted to the rehabilitation center Hannerup.

Vida designs

- 2017

During 2017 I worked with Vida designs.

The Nordic embassies in Berlin


Grosses Treffen 2017 was a juried event. An invitation to Danish artists, who wanted to "speed date" with Berlin curators. I entered there, but didn't really succed finding a partner.I seemed to be far to classical and too much a painter in their opinion. But at least I learned that about Berlin.


Artbox Basel 1.0

June 2017

Participated in Basel with three paintings for the first time with artbox, with whom I have enjoyed being coorporating with ever since.


Success summit


In Cincinnati, ADC invited people from the art industry to a reception called Success Summit. As a guest, I enjoyed the company with the Redwood Mediagroup SEO manager Erich Smith, the ADC leader Litsa Spanos, the Embrace Creatives leader, Andrea Bogart with whom I am having a conversation on the photo below. There were many others, and though it was some of a journey Denmark - Ohio US to reach an event, it was a night I will remember.



Exhibition at the Italian International Museum of Arts MIIT in Torino.


International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci


International prize given for artistic merit. celebrated at the Palazzo Borghese in Florence.


Solo exhibition in Gallery Mentana - Florence


I had a contract for gallery representation with Mentana Gallery for the year 2016. In November, I opened my solo exhibition with the transmission on television, with a journalist, who only spoke Italian, so we handled that with voice-over translation.

Click on the headline, that links to my videos, where you will find this video as well.

The trophy Michelangelo


As 2015 was the jubel year at the Vatican a group of International Artists was selected to receive the Michelangelo for Artistic merit. So I received a Michelangelo trophy at a ceremony in the Palace Cardinal Cesi in the Vatican.

Click on the headline. It is linked to my videos, and here you will find a video from the ceremony.


Artist of the castle


Being in Rome to receive the Michelangelo trophy another award was arranged to celebrate this group of artists. Therefore I received the Artist of the Castle award - International prize for my artistic merit. It was an extraordinary experience to stay a few days in the castle, where we had rich posibility for networking with collegues.


The X Florence Biennale


The X Florence Biennale was my first Biennale, and a great experience, which I enjoyed together with my wife and son.

New York Art Expo


The New York Art Expo - The world's biggest expo was again a tremendous experience. I had some experience with the US from the World Art Expo in Las Vegas in 2009 and 2010, but the New York Art Expo was unique. I was busy talking and presenting my four paintings every day during the expo and got a good response. Though I didn't sell, I came home with a good feeling about my work quality. What I had created was something unique that my audience nor the curators had never seen before.

KE12 - The Artist's Autumn Exhibition in Copenhagen


KE12 was my debut in one of the Danish Artist Association's (BKF) exhibitions

I got my application accepted with three paintings:

1) "Paso Double" - Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm

2) "Chat-room" - Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm.

3) "I would love to show you my room" - Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm.

Pictures from the epilepsi-hospital Filadelfia

Summer 2006

Each time I am hospitalized in the epilepsy-hospital Filadelfia in Dianalund, it becomes more like a retreat. I use to focus very well on my art, and eventually, I do some studies. Here I have collected my drawings and paintings from summer 2006. The nurses and doctors know that I use to transform my room into a studio and are very kind to support me. The truth is that I'm hospitalized because I have this disease epilepsy, and I have been or am very sick, and that's the reason for being there.



Paintings from my summer-stay at Filadelfia 2006

Drawings from my summer-stay at Filadelfia 2006

my collection of poems:

2004 - 2014

The author Henrik Saar!
Here's how to be so surprised:
In 2003, I wanted to publish my collection of poems: "The Ballad of One-Self."
I disagreed with the publisher Algarve, and withdrew my book.
Then I moved to Peru for a year. 10 years later in 2014, I stumbled upon the author Henrik Saar, who had apparently published this collection of poems, which was for sale in several of Denmark's bookstores. The publisher had disappeared, so I stopped the book. In my younger years, I made readings of my own poems for my exhibitions, as well as provided themes for classical concerts.

The collection of poems was illustrated with my linoleum prints, and some of the poems have infused my thoughts in many of my later paintings.

Therefore I attend to have it reprinted it once again some day.


In 2004 I formed an art-group, which we named: "UMBRA," which means shadow, and is a name used for the brown colors: Raw Umber and burnt Umber.

We were two - three figurative artists Hans Christian Hauge Rasmussen and the later philosopher, Henrik Hvid, who later interviewed me, and I, who was the leader of the group + one composer of classical music on synthesizer, Amanj Zarafian. 

Mainly it was the composer and I, who performed and were active. He comes from Iraque, Kurdistan and from day one, we were soulmates.He composed music inspired by my pictures and poems, and together we performed with recitations of my poems in front of my pictures, leaded by his gloomy but also meditative music on senthesizer.     

Henrik Saar retrospective on Centro Cultural

8th of July 2003

In 2003 I had my first international solo show: 59 pictures was sent to the Museum of the Academy in Lima, Peru: Centro Cultural De la Accademia De Bellad Artes.


A little overview backwards

The Younger years

To give an idea of the depth in my art I have added some photos from my younger years. I started as a full-time artist in 1989, but it was before the mobile phone, and the photo documentation was poor compared to our time. The last photo is from 1979, where I used to draw while we went on vacations or tours. Drawings like the van, that I made in one line with a ballpoint.

The images below are links. Under the big SAAR icon photo you'll find: "Activity log," which is like a visual CV - A good entry to my Art World. 

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