My netdating - Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm.

August 14 2019

This painting is created in a slightly euphoric mood of being full of expectations based solely on a loving chat with a girl who seems very attractive to me. I have always felt that online love was illusory and impossible, but has suddenly come into question. I actually feel completely in love.

7 shadows around the light - Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm.


7 shadows around the light is another painting in my new series, where I focus a lot on simplification and on letting the freshness of the impasto painting shine through. Everything is painted only once and most of the paint is put on with a knife. which makes the simplification even more significant. An arbitrary coat of paint may play a crucial role in the finished image - It can be a nose, an ear or an eye or whatever. This is where painting becomes alive and real on a higher plane than in the real world.

Rome 26.05.2019

I won in the category: "International Painters" for the 42nd edition of: Medusa Aurea Trophy ", which is the title of Artist of the Year for the academic year 2018 - 2019.

Head over heels - Oil on canvas 60 x 50 cm.


The painting "Head over heels" is a good example of how images emerge from irrational conditions, a sudden whim or fun idea that suddenly tells a lot more than one could have thought of by ordinary logical thinking. That's what the visual media can do: Express complex understandings in an unexpected and surprising way.

"Head over heels" is the term used for a leading figure. An expression that is also known from the Grease movie and from Abba's song about the same. In addition, it is an expression that I find funny, and in fact, the picture arises as a result of having first drawn up to have to paint Theresa May as part of my series with Putin, Trump and Zuckerberg, but since the theme bored I changed plans and threw away the photography of Theresa May, so in any case I didn't have to look for it. The legs that I have painted over the head of the lady are from a motif I have drawn and painted several times before all the way back to 2012, 1993 and 1991.

The alter ego - Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm.


"The alter ego" is about balancing between two sides of yourself. We all have a different ego that occasionally takes character and takes control of our lives. Normally we manage to maintain control, but there are situations where the other side of ourselves takes control. That's what the famous movie: Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde gives us such an excellent example.
The motif in my painting is based on a figure that I drew and used in a small yellow-tone painting in 1991 under the title: "Standing position" - Oil on canvas 41 x 33 cm. In the new painting I have changed the perspective, on the background and given the figure a mask in the hand that leads the thought to the film: "The mask", which in turn points to man with 2 personalities.

The mood of the painting is inspired by my own icon painting from 2013: "On the other side" (here at the bottom)

Contemporary teenager 60 x 50 cm.


Inspired by a 17-year-old girl's drawing, I have sought as credibly as possible to reproduce the concerns a teenager is facing today. Therefore, I have held onto the slightly naive form, which is precisely the teenager's immediate way of expressing. There could be many interpretations to this painting, where there are two shining suns and a little rain at the same time, just as the concept of balance in the picture has been emphasized, but basically I think that the painting here should be allowed to live its own visual and a little innocent life. The power of the visual language is strongest when it is not choked by words.

Contemporary shopping - Oil on canvas 60 x 50 cm.


Contemporary shopping is a painting of an everyday situation where we buy all kinds of things online. It has made a big change in our culture and almost descended the cities if compared with the past. It's practical, but maybe a little sad.

Technically I express myself very directly, and work impast with a painter knife. It is my intention to be as immediate and transparent as possible in order to achieve the greatest possible sincerity in my expression. There are no speculative actions in these paintings, it is art that, so to speak, comes directly from the "stomach" - The direct path from my impression to my expression, which is in the clue with the post impressionist / german expressionist idea of expressing oneself meaningfully about life. The motif stems from a quick sketch of my x-wife shopping on the internet.

Beat it - Oil on canvas 60 x 50 cm.


My comment on the political debate about the parliamentary elections. in Denmark 2019


But if I have to be honest - and you have to do that in art! Then the painting arose because I was really annoyed by something, it negatively affected my life. One of these situations where you spontaneously hit the table and say stop!

The drawing that influences the painting is one of my teenage drawings.

Networking - Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm.


"Networking" is a painting where I try to capture the spirit of the year 2019. Our way of communicating and the importance of constantly networking. It is through our ability to network that we create space for ourselves. The remarkable tattoo I have painted on the girl's arm depicts both a net and the perspective center of the room she is sitting in, so that she herself becomes the starting point for her own space.

The winner - Oil on canvas 60 x 50 cm.


After standing away for a year, I finally finished this little painting. I had started on it while I was still in the rehabilitation center after my accident, where I broke both my legs, my back and a few ribs. At that time, my everyday life of rehabilitation consisted of much of the time, so it was an obvious motive to tackle, but at one point it hung me far out of my neck, so I didn't bother to paint it anymore. Now there is a little distance to it, so I could paint it finished without any problems, and is really well satisfied with the result. It is an image that radiates surpluses with all the primary colors + green and grayscale from black to white.

competition: Premi della cultura Trofeo Medusa Aurea


Positive start with my new period. the message attacked here is from the academy in Rome and says following: 

“We inform you that you have passed the final selection with the work listed below and will therefore participate in the international competition to be held in Rome at the Aula Magna of the Valdese University, in Via Pietro Cossa, n.40 (Piazza Cavour) on May 26th, 10am.”


"The gift" is painting no. 3 from the same room

Generally about the roses in my paintings

What is it about me and the roses that I carefully paint over and over again?
For me, the rose is a symbol of pure beauty with the character that it has thorns that hurt if you are not aware of them, just as it does in life if you are not aware of what hurts most of all : "Love". In addition, I associate the rose with passion, pain, blood and martyrdom as known from the Bible.

About the room and the closet from the 3 paintings above

The motif draws threads far back to when I met my ex wife in 1992. Back then I made the painting: "Secrets" (here below), which was about two people who are facing each other with each their own secret lives, which here are represented here by the closets. The fear of opening up in front of eachother is manifested by the suddenly appearing shark. Actually I use the shark again in the final room at the painting: " I would love to show you my room"
THe same closet did I use in a drawing showing a room seen from below. I called this drawing: "Give me 10 years, Lili"
Finally I used these elements and ideas in the 3 paintings above, where I use the same room again and again.
This is very much my way how to connect the past, the present and future into a complete balance.


Oil on canvas

22 x 34 cm. 1992

Give me 10 years, Lili

Pen and black ink

25 x 25 cm. 1992

Medusa Aurea GOLDMEDAL 2018-19





At The ceremony with the professors from the International Academy of Modern Art in Rome, receiving the certificate and price as painter of the year 2018 - 2019

The Best Modern and  Comtemporary Artists

2015 Edinbourgh, Scotland


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