Exhibitions since 1993



Henrik Saar

Born 1967 in Sønderborg, living in Fredericia, Denmark

Visual artist

Education: Graduated as teacher in Art and Religion in 1999














Participating at the international Art Fair Louvre Carrousel with Paks gallery

The 58th Venice Biennale: Exhibition in the Zenobio palace, Curated by Profesor Aldo Maria Pero 

Became artist of the week in Art Tour International 

Participate in ACA Award distribution in ADC, Ohio USA in the category: Summit Award Questionnaire

Swissart expo: Participating with 2 paintings

See Me: Art takes over two floors in the sky of New York City: Artist's portraits - Exhibition on big screen in World Trade Center i New York - Chasha Ma Gala 13.. Juni 2019. 

Signed a gallery contract with PAKS gallery in Vienna for 2020

Exhibition in l'Aula Magna dell'Università Valdese in Rome dell Accademia Internazionale D'Arte Moderna

Winner of the chategory: "Contemporary figurative painters" - Painter of the academic year 2018 - 2019

candidato per la 42ª edizione annuale del Concorso Internazionale  " Medusa Aurea"


Exhibition in Gallery 39 in Fredericia


Nominated for a prize at the Global Art Award in Dubai in the category: Painting (Participated in 2 paintings) 

Exhibition in Gallery 39 in Fredericia


Attended Grosses Treffen in the Nordic Ambassador's Common House in Berlin


Attended the Success Summit (A weekend seminar) At the artist-based ADC in Ohio

  Exhibited 2 paintings at the MIIT art museum in Turin, Italy

Exhibited 1 painting with curator Rosi Raneri on Tour: "Egos" in the following places:

Galleria Museo Bellini in Florence, Italy

Old Sint Jan Museum, Bruges, Belgium

Gallery Borgo, Vatican City, Rome, Italy

  Artbox project Basel in New York. Attended 1 painting
  Attended Art Festival Museum of Russian Art, New York
  Artbox Basel in Switzerland. Attended 3 paintings

Contract with Gallery Mentana in Florence
Exhibited 10 paintings

  Exhibited 4 paintings at the MIIT art museum in Turin, Italy

Received the award "Leonardo Da Vinci -The Universal Artist" v. Curator Salvatore Russo.


Exhibited 2 paintings at the Florence Biennale
Received financial support for the Biennial from the Danish Embassy in Rome.


Got the award: "Michelangelo - Artists of the Jubilee"
Divided in Palacio Cardinal Cesi in the Vatican State, Rome

  Got the award: "Artists of the castle", In Rome
  Join The Art Book: Artist of the year 2015
  Exhibited 4 paintings at the New York Art Expo

Exhibition at Kongensgade 11 in Fredericia: "Artists in Fredericia"


Exhibited 3 paintings at the Artists' Autumn Exhibition

Artist in Focus in My Art Space

2011 Arranged and exhibited at ANIMA AWARD, Fredericia
  Exhibition in Danish bank, Fredericia
2010 Attended the World Art Expo in Las Vegas with 3 paintings

Attended the World Art Expo in Las Vegas with 7 paintings
Became Award Winning.

  Exhibited at the Place Gallery in Las Vegas

Symposium with German artists in the old paper mill in Hohenofen - Potsdam - a little outside Berlin


Exhibition in "Das Kunstwerk" in Potsdam with the German artists from: "Das Lumpenhaus Kollektiv"

  Exhibition at The Danish Art Café, Berlin

Symposium with German artists in the old paper mill in Hohenofen - Potsdam - a little outside Berlin


Exhibition in gallery Bastillen, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.
Shown on television: Channel Copenhagen


Exhibition and reading of own poems.
With music by the composer Amanj Zarafian
Shown on television: Channel Copenhagen

  Group exhibition in the BMB gallery, Copenhagen
2006 Exhibition in Gallery Nordstjernen, Fredericia

Group Exhibition at Center of Culture INC, Piura, Peru. With Artes plastic's "Felipe Cossio Del Pomar"

2004 Separate exhibition in Gallery Fillip, Horsens
  Separate exhibition in Gallery Esfelt, Horsens

Exhibition at the Philosophy Walk, Odense
Together with Hans Christian Hauge Rasmussen

My book: "The ballad about itself" was published on the Algarve publishing house

2003 Exhibition: 59 works at the Academy of Culture in Lima, Peru

Established an art studio at the AOF Highschool for adults, where I worked with art therapy

























Made a visual arts school and an exhibition with children In the Trapholt Art Museum's teaching house, Kolding

Completed exams at Haderslev State Seminar as a teacher with a line of art in visual arts and religion

Exhibition, reading own poem - "The voice in the dark"
With the concert of Amanj Zarafian




Shadow dance: "The living picture" to Amanj Zarafian music: "Master Jacob" - Classical music for children - A part of a debate about formation with Fredericia municipality teachers and educators

1997 Gallery Esfelt, Horsens
  Gallery Fillip, Horsens
Exhibition, reading own poetry and concert at Amanj Zarafian at Badebroen by Øster Strand, Fredericia

 Exhibition and lecture at Vejle Handelsskole
  Exhibition and lecture at Fredericia Middelfart VUC
  Exhibition at Carlsberg Brewery, Fredericia
  Exhibition at Carlsberg Brewery, Fredericia
  Gallery Asbæk / Strong, Horsens
  Gallery Rugholm, Fredericia
  Got one year's scholarship by Fredericia municipality: "Can the wings carry you?" 

Ordrupgaard, arranged by Ballerup Art Society (MY FIRST EXHIBITION)

2 years of isolation in my studio, with painting and  studios. It's in this period I set the raises, from whereout my art grows. (The yellow-tune series and my poems)

THE CALL! Here my life changed, and I dedicated my life 100% to art

Working 7 years in my daddy's drawing office. Doing reproductions of the architect's drawings and whatever work I was capeable of. I thought, that I should become an architect and run the company: Saar's Tegnestue" some day, but finally I had to realize, that houses and buildings didn't mean anything to me. I liked the work with the drawings, but I was much more interested in cartoons.

Internship - Learning about architecture at my daddy's drawing office


2017 Art Design Cultans, USA
  Embrace Art, USA

2015 Member of ART UpClose, Gallery Artifact, USA
  The Best 2015 Modern and Contemporary Artists Italy

2011 Founder of ANIMA / ApS
  Member of MEGA ART, Italy2012 Member of KE, Denmark2010 Member of Art Review England
  Member of Artist`s Alley Juried Artist Association, USA
  Member of the World Art Foundation by Jojo Marengo, USA
  Member of Fine Art Management Agency (FAMA), USA
  Member of "International contemporary masters, USA

2009 Member of L`opera Celeste - Art-Stars - Italy
  Member of 101 Danish Artists by Tom Jorgensen, DK

2007 Member of Art Domain, Leipzig - Germany
  Member of "Who is Who in Visual Art Vol. 2008 - 2009:
  Member of Berlin-out, Danish Embassy, Berlin
2003 Founded artist group: UMBRA



Overall, I'm autodidact, but some people have been able to answer me with questions I've had along the way. They are listed below:

1995 - 99 Teacher seminar: Leif Kath: Graphics and drawing
  Teacher Seminar: Birgitte Bækgaard: Religion and Philosophy
1988 - 90 Teacher Seminar: Erik Guldager: Drawing and Graphics
1981 - 88 Saar's Workshop: Horst Saar: Architectural drawing, repro technique
1985 - 87 Svend Riis: Freehand drawing and croquis
1991 - 95 The artist Håkaan Nystrøm: lasurteknik
1990 - 10 Color Trader Poul Skovbo: Materials and chemicals in painting



Medusa Aurea GOLDMEDAL 2018-19





At The ceremony with the professors from the International Academy of Modern Art in Rome, receiving the certificate and price as painter of the year 2018 - 2019

The Best Modern and Comtemporary 2015 Artists

Reception in Edinbourgh, Scotland


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