Exhibitions since 1993

Henrik Saar Born 1967 in Sønderborg, living in Fredericia, Denmark Visual artist Education: Graduated as teacher at the Haderslev Seminary in Art and Religion in 1999.

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1) The International Triennale in Rome 2021.

2) The Venice Biennale 2019.

3) The Florence Biennale 2015.

4) The Autumn Exhibition (KE) in Copenhagen 2012.

+ one more: The Autumn Exhibition KE21 in Copenhagen 2021.


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 Exhibitions and events: 2022:

  • Showing my two paintings "Angel station" and "The Gift" at the exhibition "Premio Capitolium 22" in Rome, arranged by Arte in Camino. 
  • Showing my painting "Angel station" at the exhibition " Art One Piece Collection 22," arranged by Gallery IlCollezionista.
  • Received the "Butterfly Effect" certificate for an online exhibition arranged by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine, US
  • Showing my painting "Angel station" at the exhibition "Vatican Artists of Fame," arranged by Gallery IlCollezionista.
  • Accepted admition to the project "Con Giunti," arranged by Start group.
  • Presented on two pages in the prestigious Art Yearbook De Agostini. Recognized for my concept "Transformationism."
  • Founded in public my concept "Transformationism." 

 Exhibitions and events: 2021:

  • Showed my two paintings "Angel station" and "The Gift" at the exhibition "Premio Natale" in Rome, Arranged by Galleria IlCollezionista.
  • Showed my two paintings "Angel station" and "The Gift" at the exhibition "Arte e passione in Veroli, arranged by Maco Museum together with Ferrari.
  • Received the trophy, "Hermes - Messernger of Gods" Awarded by The Academy Italia in Arte Nel Mondo, Rome.
  • Showing two paintings at Grand Prix - Rome in Galleria IlCollezionista
  • Exhibition at the Artist's juried Autumn Exhibition KE21 in Copenhagen - My painting "Alive" - Oil on canvas 60 x 70 cm.
  • Showing at Carrousel Du Louvre in Paris with Paks Gallery.
  • Artcollectors choice Award, Arttourinternational, New York, USA 
  • Arte e Passione" - An art fair arranged by Maco Museum at Ferrari in Veroli, It.  
  • The International Biennale de Rinascimiento: Received the Trophy: Michelagelo's David, Rome, It. Exhibition in the collective exhibition entitled ARTE DEL LEVANTE in one of the oldest Galleries in Europe, "SOCIETA OPERAIA DI MUTUO SOCCORSO in Rome: My painting, "Time out" - Oil on canvas 65 x 80 cm.
  • The International Triennale, Galleria Medina Rome,It.
  • Participating in Artbox project Barcelona 1.0 
  • VIVID ARTS ELITE CIRCLE, New York - Meeting Tuesdays for web coaching. 
  • A video from Circle Foundation of Art in Lyon, where I'm featured as one of the real architects of future change.
  • Marketed in the local real estate agent John Frandsen's lifestyle magazine See.me: Nature/Nurture.
  • Participating with 6 paintings in digital show at the Invisible Dog Arts Center in Brooklyn, New York, USA - See.me: Art takes 2021.
  • Participating with 6 paintings - Presented on two pages in Current Masters 5 from WWAB 2020:
  • Represented by Artbox on ARTSY with two paintings - Winner of the certificate: "Artist of the Future" - Curated by Contemporary Art curator Magazine. 
  • Worldwide movement: Virtual Henrik Saar soloshow on Art channel. 
  • Received an Honorable Mention certificate from Circle Art Foundation for participating with the painting, " The Giants" in the themed contest: Art in time of Coronavirus & Social Distancing.
  • The Art Fair Carousel du Louvre in Paris 23rd - 25th of October, represented there through Paks Gallery with my oil-painting:” Mona Lisa Fatal” from 2010. (Was postponed because of the pandemic).
  • Became a member of the Associazione Culturale. 12 photos representing my career as an artist 1989 - 2020 in a personal virtual exhibition starting on September 28.
  • Art Arnhem: I got my application recognized for the juried exhibition Art Arnhem, which is an art fair with a very strict balloting.
  • SWISSART EXPO withArtbox Zürich: Participated with seven paintings in the virtual show at the Central station of Zürich.
  • ArtTourInternational Magazine: Art as a Healing force. I am present in the magazine with two pages. 
  • See.me: "Hey Henrik! Yor're Tomorrows SeeMe Artist Feature." I had my story told by SeeMe's gallery & content curator Nerissa Bardfeld on instagram.
  • SeeMe - I have got myself a nice presentation on the See/Me community in New York. https://www.see.me/creators//henrik-saar -
  • ACADEMICAL PRIZE: APOLLO DIONISIACO - Awarded for the passion and quality of my artwork: "Angel station" - Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm. at the International Academy of Signification, and had the great honor of receiving interpretating critics by the president Fondatrice, Prof. ssa Fulvia Minetti.
  • Top story in News fox advertising for Swissart: "Henrik Saar - The former winner of the WAF World Art Expo in Las Vegas 2009 enriches the SWISSART EXPO with his art." (See my activity log here on my website).
  •  Artist of the year 2020. Presented in the yearbook and received a trophy. - I am presented in the book Art INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY directed by Salvatore Russo (See my activity log on this website). –
  • Accepted by the International Institute for Artist Accreditation to receive certification as International Certified Artist.
  • I was Included in the Great Encyclopedia of International Art by Art Universal.
  •  Received the Artist of the Decade Certificate, curated by ArtTourInternational. Participated in a virtual ceremony. - My painting: The big MMXX Stonemason became winner of the Artist of the quarterly contest by Circle Foundation of Arts in Lyon and was featured as a full-page image in the CFA quarterly magazine.
  • Participated in the thematical exhibition: "Mirrors," arranged by Arte Immagini Spazio in Cremona, Italy. Also shown on Artsy.
  • Started cooperating with the Swiss web-gallery: Collweb - Art saves humanity: See.me event /Sotherbys in New York: www.artsaveshumanity.com
  • Big screen exhibition "She persisted" on Manhattan with See.me, curated by Sotherby's curators. New York, USA
  • Participated in the "Don't stop to live - project" arranged by PAKS Gallery - Exhibition at PAKS Gallery in Vienna, Austria.
  • Carrousel du Louvre - Presented by Paks Gallery. Paris, Fr. - Artist of the decade - ArtTourInternational. New York, USA
  • Included in the Contemporary Art Curator Directory. It
  •  Contract with Paks Gallery. Aus
  • 2019
  • Received the ARTYA AWARD - Artist for a green planet, arranged by Art Tour-International, New York.USA 
  • The 58th Venice Biennale: Exhibition in the Zenobio palace, Curated by Profesor Aldo Maria Pero.It 
  • Collective exhibition Spazio Porpora, Art gallery in Milano - arranged by Mega Art. It. 
  • Artist of the week in ArtTourInternational. New York
  • Participated in ACA Award distribution in ADC, Ohio USA in the category: Summit Award Questionnaire, USA 
  • Swissart expo: Participating with 2 paintings, Sweiz
  • See.me: Art takes over two floors in the sky of New York City: Artist's portraits
  • Exhibition on big screen in World Trade Center i New York
  •  Chasha Ma Gala 13.. Juni 2019. New York, USA –
  • Signed a gallery contract with PAKS gallery in Vienna for 2020, Wien, Aus.
  • Exhibition in l'Aula Magna dell'Universita Valdese in Rome dell Accademia Internazionale D'Arte Moderna, It
  • Winner of the Medusa Aurea contest in the category: "Contemporary figurative painters"
  • Painter of the academic year 2018 - 2019, Rome, It.
  • 2018:
  • Exhibition in Gallery 39 in Fredericia, Dk
  • In October 2017, I had a serious accident that cost me half a year of hospitalization and which changed my existential conditions significantly.
  • 2017:
  • Nominated for a prize at the Global Art Award in Dubai in the category: Painting (Participated in 2 paintings). Dubai
  • Teaching and exhibition with students from Nuuk Seminary school, Greenland.
  • Exhibition in Gallery 39 in Fredericia, DK 
  • Attended Grosses Treffen in the Nordic Ambassador's "Faelleshus" in Berlin 
  • Attended the Success Summit (A weekend seminar) At the artist-based ADC in Ohio 
  • Exhibited 2 paintings at the MIIT art museum in Turin, Italy Exhibited 1 painting with curator Rosi Raneri on Tour: "Egos" in the following places: - Galleria Museo Bellini in Florence, Italy - Old Sint Jan Museum, Bruges, Belgium - Gallery Borgo, Vatican City, Rome, Italy 
  • Artbox project Basel in New York.
  • Attended 1 painting in Art Festival Museum of Russian Art, New York 
  • Artbox Basel in Switzerland.
  • Attended 3 paintings.
  • Lectures about art at the Teachers Seminarium in Nuuk, Greenland
  • 2016:
  • Contract with Gallery Mentana in Florence Exhibited 10 paintings
  •  Exhibited 4 paintings at the MIIT art museum in Turin, Italy - Received the award "Leonardo Da Vinci -The Universal Artist" v. Curator Salvatore Russo.
  • 2015: 
  • Exhibited 2 paintings at the Florence Biennale Received financial support for the Biennial from the Danish Embassy in Rome.
  • Received the award: "Michelangelo - Artists of the Jubilee" Divided in Palacio Cardinal Cesi in the Vatican State, Rome
  • Received the award: "Artists of the castle", In Rome
  • Featured in the art book: Artist of the year 2015 - Exhibited 4 paintings at the New York Art Expo.
  • 2014:
  •  Exhibition at Kongensgade 11 in Fredericia: "Artists in Fredericia" 2012:
  •  Exhibited 3 paintings at KE (the Artists' juried Autumn Exhibition), Cph. DK
  • Was the Artist in Focus in MY ART SPACE (Biggest Danish web art-network)
  • 2011:
  • Arranged and exhibited at ANIMA AWARD, Fredericia, DK
  • Exhibition in Danish bank, Fredericia, DK
  • 2010:
  • Founded and established the company: ANIMA ApS (All Nations In Modern Art - Inspired by my experiences from USA, I wanted to create an international platform for artists in order to communicate visually through art across borders. The intention was idealistically founded, and I've never been minded for business, so we realized one exhibition only: THEÂ ANIMA AWARD EXPO 2011, whereafter we were ruined and forced to stop the ANIMA project. I'm simply too much a painter myself to be a curator as well. The one part excludes the other in my world.
  • Attended the World Art Expo in Las Vegas with 3 paintings, USA
  • 2009:
  •  Attended the World Art Expo in Las Vegas with 7 paintings
  • Awarded: Best artist at the show. USA
  • Exhibited at the Place Gallery in Las Vegas, USA
  • Symposium with German artists in the old paper mill in Hohenofen - Potsdam - a little outside Berlin, Ger.
  •  Exhibition in "Das Kunstwerk" in Potsdam with the German artists from: "Das Lumpenhaus Kollektiv," Ger.
  • Exhibition at The Danish Art Cafe, Berlin, Ger.
  • 2008:
  •  Symposium with German artists in the old paper mill in Hohenofen - Potsdam - a little outside Berlin, Ger.
  • Exhibition in gallery Bastillen, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. Shown on television: Channel Copenhagen, DK
  • 2007:
  • Exhibition and reading of own poems. With music by the composer Amanj Zarafian - Shown on television: Channel Copenhagen, DK
  •  Group exhibition in the BMB gallery, Copenhagen, DK
  • 2006:
  • Palm Art Award, Leipzig, Germany
  •  Exhibition in Gallery Nordstjernen, Fredericia.DK
  • 2005:
  •  Moved to Peru with my Peruvian wife and our daughter to try living there.
  • Group Exhibition at Center of Culture INC, Piura, Peru. With Artes plastic's "Felipe Cossio Del Pomar," Peru.
  • 2004: 
  • Solo exhibition in Gallery Fillip, Horsens, DK
  • Solo exhibition in Gallery Esfelt, Horsens, DK
  • Exhibition at the gallery: "Filosofgangen", Odense, DK Together with Hans Christian Hauge Rasmussen
  •  My poetry collection: "The ballad about oneself," published by Algarve. DK
  • 2003:
  • Exhibition: 59 works at theMuseum Of The Academy Of Art  in Lima, Peru - ("Centro Cultural De La Accademia De Bellas Artes") 2000:
  • Established an art studio at the AOF Highschool for adults, where I worked with art therapy, Fredericia, DK - Therefore I had my exhibitions paused.
  • 1999:
  •  Established a visual arts school and an exhibition with children In the Trapholt Art Museum's teaching house, Kolding, DK
  •  Completed exams at Haderslev State Seminar as a teacher with a line of art in visual arts and religion, DK –
  • Exhibition, reading my poem - "The voice in the dark" Accompanied by the music of the composer, Amanj Zarafian. –
  • 1997:
  •  Shadow dance: "The living picture" to Amanj Zarafian music: "Master Jacob" - Classical music for children
  • A part of a debate about formation with Fredericia municipality teachers and educators. DK
  • Exhibition in Gallery Esfelt, Horsens. DK
  • Exhibition in Gallery Fillip, Horsens. DK
  • Exhibition, reading my poetry and concert at Amanj Zarafian at the bridge on the beach, Oesterstrand in Fredericia, DK
  • 1994:
  • Exhibition and lecture at Vejle Handelsskole. DK
  • Exhibition and lecture at Fredericia Middelfart VUC. DK
  •  Exhibition 1, at Carlsberg Brewery, Fredericia. DK –
  • Exhibition 2, at Carlsberg Brewery, Fredericia. DK –
  • Exhibition in Gallery Asbaek / Strong, Horsens. DK –
  • Exhibition in Gallery Rugholm, Fredericia. DK
  • Received a one-year scholarship by Fredericia municipality: "Can the wings carry?" DK
  • 1993:
  •  Exhibition at Ordrupgaard, arranged by Ballerup Art Society (MY FIRST EXHIBITION). DK
  •  Two years of isolation in my studio, with painting and studios. It's in this period I set the raises, from whereout my art grows. (The yellow-tune series and my poems).
  • 1989:
  • THE CALL! Here my life changed, and I started my life as an Artist. - Working 7 years in my daddy's drawing office. Doing reproductions of the architect's drawings and whatever work I was capable of. I thought that I should become an architect and run the company: Saar's Tegnestue" someday, but finally I had to realize, that houses and buildings didn't mean anything to me. I liked the work with the drawings, but I was much more interested in cartoons.
  • 1984:
  • Internship - Learning about architecture at my daddy's drawing office.
  • 2021 Vivid Elite Arts Circle, New York - 2020: Working with Imagini gallery in Cremona, Italy - 2020: Working with a presentation on the Swiss webgallery: collweb.com - 2020: Member of See.me, New York in corporation with Sotherby's - 2020 Contemporary Art Curator Magazine - 2020 Contract with Paks Gallery, Austria - 2019 ArtTourInternational - 2019 Arte del XXI Secolo - 2018 Artbox Schwitzerland - 2018 Circle Foundation of Art 2017 Art Design Cultans, USA Embrace Art, USA - 2015 Member of ART UpClose, Gallery Artifact, USA The Best 2015 Modern and Contemporary Artists Italy - 2010 Artavita - 2010 Founder of ANIMA / ApS - 2010 Member of MEGA ART, Italy2012 Member of KE, Denmark2010 Member - 20100 Menber of Art Review England - 2010 Member of Artist`s Alley Juried Artist Association, USA - 2010 Member of Fine Art Management Agency (FAMA), USA -2009 Member of the World Art Foundation by Jojo Marengo, USA - 2009 Member of "International contemporary masters, USA -2009 Member of L`opera Celeste - Art-Stars - Italy - 2008 Member of 101 Danish Artists by Tom Jorgensen, DK - 2007 Member of Art Domain, Leipzig - Germany -2006 Member of "Who is Who in Visual Art Vol. 2008 - 2009. Ger. - 2006 Member of Berlin-out, Danish Embassy, Berlin. Ger. -2003 Founded artist group: UMBRA. DK
  • Overall, I'm autodidact, but some people have been able to answer me with questions I've had along the way. They are listed below: 1995 - 99 Teacher's seminary: Leif Kath: Graphics and drawing Teacher's Seminary: Birgitte Bækgaard: Religion and Philosophy 1988 - 90 Teacher's Seminary: Erik Guldager: Drawing and Graphics 1981 - 88 Saar's Drawing office: Horst Saar: Architectural drawing, repro. 1985 - 87 Svend Riis: Freehand drawing and croquis 1991 - 95 The artist Håkaan Nystrøm: Transparent painting 1990 - 10 Color Trader Poul Skovbo: Materials and chemicals in painting.
  • To visualize this CV, I recommend you to watch my activity log on to this website: Click on the orange button below. Here are links to my statement, and to my Bio as well.

The frontcover of my work-folder at my daddy's drawing office 1984

"Son of an architect" - One of my first paintings 1989


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My concept: Transformationism

            A dynamic overview! ***

1989 - A leap into a unpredictable life as a visual artist

Inspired by a fascination with the American satire magazine MAD's illustrator Don Martin's drawings and the Danish Caricature artist Roal Als. Seven years of work at my father's architect's studio, studies of right-wing extremism during world war II and the French Revolution, the breakdown of the Berlin wall, Nietzches delirious speech about the death of God, Freud's dream interpretation, Salvador Dalí's surrealistic universe, Kierkegaard's existentialistically concept of irony, and concept of Anxiety, poetry by the Danish author Thorkild Bjørnvig, Mozart's opera Don Juan, and Pink Floyd's musical interpretation of reality, in 1989, I burned all the bridges behind me. I jumped into life with the red soft forms of insecurity - into life as a full-time painter. In the beginning, I painted everything with a wide paintbrush. Soft shapes. Without much detail, and to my surprise, the painting became my soul mirror, each time revealing my Anxiety. The basic form of these soft forms of Anxiety comes from a cartoon smiley that I developed up through the 80s for diligent use as graffiti and on all surfaces that could be drawn on. As I start painting, the smile suddenly turns into a scream, and if one were to sound my early pictures, Pink Floyd's "The big gig in the sky" would be very appropriate. 

When you click on the picture you wil be lead to my youtube channel, currently with 26 videos from different times showing and telling about my art.

Contact info

Henrik Saar, Anders Billes vej 1 st.-3, 7000 Fredericia, Denmark

email: henriksaar@icloud.com

phone number +45 27922560


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