Short biography

I was born in Sønderborg, near the border between Denmark and Germany in 1967. My father came from Germany, and my mother is Danish. They moved to Fredericia in 1970, where my daddy established himself as an independent Architect. Fredericia has always been our family's hometown, and that's where I live today.

As the son of an architect, I have grown up with drawings and paintings around me always. I worked as a teenager for seven years at my father's drawing studio, where I made reproductions of the architects' drawings. As a 16-year-old, I was learning about architechture, and it was obvious for me to become an architect. However, I had no interest in houses and construction, but would rather just draw and fantasize. I had a need to express myself visually, and even though I was studying to be a teacher, it still ended up that this urge to express myself took over. So after a strong dream in 1989, I threw myself into a life as a full-time artist.

In 2009 I won the title of best artist at the World Art Expo in Las Vegas, and in 2010 I was inducted into WWAB's International Masters, and since then it has continued with Expo's, Biennials, triennials, prizes and awards.


The images below are links. Under the big SAAR icon photo you'll find: "Activity log," which is like a visual CV - A good entry to my Art World. 

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