Computer graphics

For the past few years, I've been playing with an electrical pen, tablet, and computer to make sketches for my paintings. I used to delete these sketches after having used them, but recently it appeared to me that I might as well use them for signed numbered prints like I do with my linocuts. The computer is just a little more practical tool for the same purpose. My expression is still the same, and both computer graphics and linocuts result in the same: Black ink on paper, so why not. Before man invented linoleum, the artists did the same works in wood, which is a lot more complicated as well. Sure the wood-cutters had prejudgement like the graphical artists against the computer. Below are the results of some of my computer-works, now judge for yourself. Eventually compare them with my linocuts.

My computer-angel

Dante & Beatrice

The lion

The panther

Breadcrumbs to the pigeons

Malena & Marie Louise



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