Two examples for exhibitions

Below are two suggestions for exhibitions: An exhibition with 15 oil paintings in impasto technique and another exhibition with15 oil paintings using sgraffito technique. It is only my suggestions, but you can also choose from some of the pictures if space is limited, or in special cases, pictures can be selected and added from my entire catalogue.

Proposal 1:

Oil paintings using impasto technique

Working with the paint impasto means working with the paint directly from the tube. It can be carried out as a pure filler technique with a paint knife or with a brush to leave brush marks in the paint as part of the expression.

It is a technique that I use very often and especially in my recent paintings, where I try to express myself as real as possible, which means that I seek to express whatever I encounter on my way through life. I seek to allow my characters to contain concepts and situations from our present, so they generally do not imagine anyone as most of all are fantasy figures, with the exception of the pictures where I am in the pictures.

15 oil paintings in impasto technique

Proposal 2:

15 oil paintings using sgraffito technique

Oil paintings using sgraffito technique

This series is very unique to me. I have never seen the technique used by other artists, so it is completely my own invention, where I mix the colors in optical mixtures. That means using the transparent properties of the colors on top of a thick white texture to mix the colors. Then I can lighten the tone more or less by scraping a little paint with a scalpel and then again painting a transparent layer of color over it. In this way one can observe every brush stroke in the construction of the painting, and there is really something about every square centimeter of these pictures.

The theme that interested me in this series is the idea of being together and separated at the same time. It is loneliness versus togetherness that has occupied my mind. I do not believe that our way of life with electronic media increases our sense of being acompagnied, but I fear that we will end up losing more than an emolje figure can replace.


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